Rubisco protein powder

Rubisco, or leaf protein, is a utopia protein as it comes from leaves of plant but has the functionality and nutritional profile of animal proteins. This makes it an environmentally friendly and incredibly versatile protein powder

How we get protein from green leaves

All green leaves contain protein. Some of nature's biggest herbivores have evolved to digest this protein source (think cattle or rhinoceros), but the problem is that while it's trapped inside a plant cell, it's hard for humans to even eat enough green leaves for a sufficient serving of protein, let alone digest all that plant matter. Our technology opens up a new way of food production that taps into one of the world's most abundant and sustainable food sources.

Rubisco protein FAQ’s

What is rubisco?

What makes rubisco effective as a protein powder?

What’s in rubisco protein powder?

What makes rubisco environmentally friendly?

Rubisco Protein vs. other proteins

Protein TypeRubiscoWheySoyPeaRiceHemp
Over 80% protein purity
All essential amino acids?
Acceptable Taste
Smooth texture
Low Environmental impact
No allergens

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